The Committee


Chairperson - Jo Sweetman
Vice Chairperson - Liz Rowlands
Honorary Secretary - Simmy Knight
Honorary Treasurer - Jenny Bradley
External Competition Secretary - Ivan Briggs
Internal Competition Secretary - Paul Smith BPE2*
Committee Member/Webmaster - Chris Carroll-Davis
Committee Member - Jim Palfrey
Committee Member - Michael Randall
Committee Member - Dale Reynolds
Committee Member - Kerr Clement

To contact the committee please email


What Does the Committee Do?

The committee makes decisions about the day to day running Society, ensures that money and property are properly used (and managed) to meet the aims and objectives of the Society, ensures that the Society does everything within the law and abides by the Society’s governing document.

The committee are also responsible to the administration and organisation of competitions run for the Society throughout the season.

The committee are answerable to the members of the Society and are elected at either an Annual general Meeting of the Society or at a Special General Meeting which may be called at any time (these processes are fully laid out in the Society Rules).


Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society