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Heard for the first time at our 2016 AGM, where it formed the best chairperson’s report ever known, here is a poem from our very own vice chairperson and bard of Elmswell, Liz Rowlands.

Ode to BSEPS
Part 2 - 2016

This year has been so really good

With comps again where judges should

Have chosen those with expertise

And innovation, not just trees!

In photos we have travelled far

And learnt new skills. We have no bar

On novices or experts too.

(Some nature lot went to the zoo.)


We have some new equipment now

For all to play with. What a wow!

With studio stuff and new laptop

We are all set to have a pop

At taking pics we’ve never done

To have a go, create some fun.

Our new stuff comes with courtesy

The grant of money from Havebury.

We hope that all will soon enjoy

To play about with our new toy(s).

The tea urn soon will be on show

The other one will have to go.


David’s work with outside comps

Has shown that we can show work with pomp

An amazing set of photos and

Produce  some art just on demand

In portraiture this year we’ve seen

The casual and the posed by screen

The Nature ones have captured all

From the wild in Spring and Fall.

Landscapes too have been sublime

With gorgeous scenes, time after time.

Our competitions all have made

Us so surprised, and unafraid

To have a go, when it comes round

To submit a print, one that we’ve found

Lurking somewhere at the back

Of camera, laptop or our Mac.


The Image of the Year was done,

by Andy Abbot. Oh such fun

To see the pics that we have shown

In competitions. Our minds were blown

By quality and the difference

In choice of subject. On the fence

Did Andy stay? No, he chose the geese in flight

The birds, the spray, oh such a sight.


The committee all have done so well

A successful year so all will tell,

With John and Jenny, Jim and Jo

The J’s have played their part just so,

With Simmy, David, Dale and Chris

Our trophies, comps, accounts, and this

Means our future now is set

To go from strength to strength, to let

More members in to have a go

At producing more photos that are just so.

With Paul and Chris our future tech

Is in good hands with web site mech-

Anics now so understood

And with new laptop now we should

Be up and running at all time

To show our photos so sublime.


The Dinner was a lovely night

With presentation done just right (we hope)

Our AGM and year review

Will hopefully inspire you

To get the camera, not unsteady

To find the gear and get ready

For more excursions to the sea

And studio and out to tea.

We are about to gad around

The county, trying to see the ground

Where animals and birds alike

Will hide and run, or sit on a spike

To all who’ve taken part this year

We thank you, and hope you’ll reappear

Next time in Sept to start again

Come wind or sun or snow or rain.



Ever wondered what "PDI" really stands for?  Another poem from Liz. Read on...

Ode to BSEPS (part 1)
(With apologies to proper poets)

How not to win the judge’s prize

And risk Paul’s wrath on wrong resize,

To cut the board and fix the mount,

 The points you get will always count.

A frame too big, too small too dark,

Oh, what joy this framing lark!


Pretty Dodgy ImageS


The focus, we believe is in

The sharpest form, so we can win

A 10 and First in every comp

We hope, or 2 and then we’ll stomp

Away to try another day

Perhaps it will then go our way.


Pretty Dicey ImageS


The portraits and the landscapes too

Will all be judged.  A 2 for those who don’t obey

The rules on any given day.

One judge will like, another hate,

But just make sure you’re never late

For entries, emails or on stick

For sure you then will drop a brick,

The titles must be so right too.

But Paul will always rescue you.


Pretty Deadly ImageS


Light patches in the background, plus

The rule of thirds that governs us.

To crop too close or not at all

To tell a tale, it’s all a ball.

Is it Nature or “bird on a stick”?

It’s not so smart to drop a brick

About the rules we all should know.

Burnt out wings or too bright snow.


Pretty Doleful ImageS


John’s bulletins we all should read

The rules to learn. We all now need

To go away and learn some more

With help and guidance. Along the shore

We hope we will get some better shots.

Our camera used, and lots and lots

Of lovely photos fit for walls

And competitions, and it calls

For outings of a photo kind

Through country park our way we’ll wind



Our club is great, the number’s growing

No time to waste on grass for mowing.

The summer’s here and we’ll go out

With camera, lens and bag, we’ll shout

 That all is good, so join us for

A season and we’ll learn some more.


Pretty Dreamy ImageS


David for sure, will win again

Or Marcia, giving us the pain

Of second, third or so much lower,

Our smile will soon turn to a glower,

But we will take reflected glory

A 45, just what a story!

The trophy’s ours for the next year

And other comps? We’ll win. No fear!


Pretty Designer ImageS


Our workshops prove so very good

With lights and strobes and such, we could

Use moving things to catch with flash

Our pictures then will make a splash

 Of colour on projector screen,

Some super photos we have seen.


Pretty Daring ImageS


The AV’s prove a tricky thing

For most. We always try to bring

To the comp a finished set

Of photos with the music, yet

For some it’s easy, others not.

Perhaps wrong programmes we have got!


Pretty Detailed ImageS


Autumn Open and the Spring.

S.f.t.c. the newest thing

With Action too to come next year

We’re working hard to find the gear

To take some really special ones,

And those who just take tons and tons

To give a choice of two or three.

The choice is ours, forever free

To get that all important shot

To get a 10 and win that pot.

Reflection was the Theme this year

In pools and windows. All was clear

The title was a challenge met

By lots of us, the Judge to vet.

And choose the one he liked the most.

A stunning one, we all did toast.


Pretty Decent ImageS


A splendid trophy you will get

If you win, criteria met,

And it will sit upon your shelf

Kept clean and polished by yourself

Until the Dinner come next May

When it will go another way.

The Dinner’s such a lovely night

For food and chat and prizes right.

We all enjoy the evening too

And forward look for things to do,

To photograph and then submit

For comps next year to be a hit.


Perfect  Delightful ImageS







Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society