Useful Information

My camera bag has a bulging pocket of, well, stuff. Bits and pieces of essential kit that just don't seem to fit anywhere else. Not stuff I use often but stuff I want to keep handy all the same.  I suspect you have a pocket just the same...

This page is the digital equivalent of that pocket. Here you'll find lots of interesting , useful, even essential stuff.

Official club stuff:

Society & Competition Rules
• Application form to join club (to print and fill-in on paper)

Helpful documents from our members, including notes from workshop sessions (PDF files):

• Basics of Photography - Jim Palfrey
• My Movie Instruction - Jo Sweetman

• Nailing Focus - John Lord
• Producing an AV (Notes from Barbie's lecture on creating AVs) - John Lord
• Small Flash Setup - Andrew Stawarz
• Studio Notes - Peter Hrebien
• Close Up & Macro Photography - John Lord
• Overview of Photo Software Oct 12 - John Lord
• Photographic Techniques - John Lord
• A handy guide to Lightroom keyboard shortcuts
• Focus Stacking - by John Lord
• Long Exposure Light Painting - Simmy Knight
• Camera Triggering - John Lord

Help with resizing:
• Resizing using Photoshop
• Resizing using Elements
• A page devoted to resizing...
Sizing and Naming Images for Projected Digital Images Competitions - Andrew Stawarz
• Adobe Lightroom export template to output images suitable for use in BSEPS PDI competitions
• Nikon Capture NX settings file to resize, sharpen and convert to sRGB colour profile




Useful Links:

Download Programme as PDF

Competition Rules

Sizing/Naming images for PDI


Send PDI's and print titles to:

Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society