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Bye-bye web site

I am hoping that this will be the last ever update of this incarnation of the club web site. Yes, I know I said that last year, but this time I really can't put it off again. Although it still looks much better than its predecessor (which you can have a look at here for comparison) it has proven to be awkward and time-consuming to maintain - which constantly resulted in me subconsciously putting off the job! Sincere apologies for the lack of updates. The site has served its purpose well but now it is time for change. I am currently looking  at several options for a new design, but whatever we go for has to meet these criteria:

 - must be simple to update - by multiple admins, not just me!
 - must be mobile friendly and/or "responsive"
 - should be better integrated with social media
 - should (ideally) be able to take live feed of blog / diary events
 - mustn't cost a fortune in hosting/ISP fees!
 - must look pretty

So there is a fair bit of work to do. As I make progress and get something up and running I will let you all know via Facebook and email.

New Resizing Guide by Paul Smith BPE2*

Confused about how to prepare your images for PDI (Projected Digital Image) competitions? Well, worry not. Paul has produced these handy guides for using  Adobe Photoshop or Elements to get your images into the right format:
Resizing using Photoshop
Resizing using Elements

Also, if you look at the bottom of our information page you can find several other resources to help.

New Guide to Photography for Beginners by Jim Palfrey

Jim Palfrey has kindly started putting his experience and expertise down on paper, er pixels. Take a look at his brilliant guide here. He says it is for beginners but I reckon even the most experienced photographers amongst us could pick up a few tips here. This is part one. let's twist Jim's arm for more!  (Apologies to Jim for not getting this guide on site sooner)


Updated rules
Please use the links here to see the current society and competition rules as discussed at the AGM in May.

Society & Competition Rules



BSEPS winners of the annual A45 inter-club competition

Let's give ourselves a big pat on the back after coming top of the class at this year's A45 inter-club competition held at County Upper School in Bury. Against top-notch competition in a tightly fought battle, BSEPS won by just one point with only three points separating the top three clubs. A huge thank you to all the 12 clubs that took part and created a really special evening!

A special mention must go to Chris Netton of BSEPS for being awarded the prize for Overall Best Image of the competition.


Aliens have landed in Scunthorpe

I just put this in to see if anybody reads this 


Cambridge Digital 2015 Competition
Results for Cambridge digital which was held on January 24th 2015. Taking part were 35 clubs from the East Anglian region. Each club had to submit five images of different subjects monochrome, people, landscape, natural history and open which can be any subject. Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society came a very successful joint third place. The links below will show the full scores with images & authors.

Cambridge Digital overall results
BSEPS scores


EAF PDI Inter-Club Championships 2015
The EAF PDI Inter-Club Championships took place on Sunday 8th January at Fulbourn near Cambridge. There were 34 clubs competing from the East Anglian region. Each club submitted 25 pictures to be judged by a panel of three top national judges. After the first 15 images had been shown from each club Bury was in a comfortable fifth position overall. By the end of the competition we increased our lead to 4th position with only one point separating us from third position.

Top four clubs were as follows,

1st Beyond group
2nd Norfolk Photography Group
3rd Ipswich and District
4th Bury St.Edmunds

Well done everyone, a great result!  Results below.

EAF PDI Inter-Club 2015 - Overall results
EAF PDI Inter-Club 2015 - BSEPS scores


Notes on recent workshops

At a recent workshop we had some fun with a few techniques that were new to many members. There were some interesting results and hopefully the sessions will have given users some ideas for using these techniques in their own work. John and Simmy have kindly produced some notes on the things we were able to experiment with. Have a read, they are really helpful.

Focus Stacking - by John Lord
Long Exposure Light Painting - Simmy Knight
Camera Triggering - John Lord


Bury V Bottisham Print Battle: Victory!

A few weeks ago saw a print head-to-head competition with our friends at Bottisham and Burwell Photographic Club. The evening was packed full of wonderful images and the scoring was quite close. After a slow start and a number of or images being held back it was difficult to determine who was in the lead. But by the end of the evening there was a clear winner Bury St. Edmunds 417 points  Bottisham 405 points. Details of results here.







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