Sizing for PDI Competitions


When submitting images for Projected Digital Image (PDI) it is advised that they are submitted resized to a maximum of 1400 pixels wide, 1050 pixels high (the native resolution of our Canon SX80-II projector), in the sRGB colour space and in JPG format at maximum quality setting.


Pay careful attention to the above examples for a portrait orientated and landscape orientated images. The longest length must not exceed the given dimension of 1400 pixels x 1050 pixels, for example a portrait orientated image must not exceed the maximum height of 1050 pixels whereas a landscape orientated image must not exceed the maximum width of 1400 pixels.

The image is not required to fill the full area as the projection software, Film Free Projection, will automatically add black vertical and/or horizontal bars. However the author can freely pad out the 1400 pixel by 1050 pixel canvas in their own editing software using a colour of their choice.

Failure to submit images in the wrong format and exceeding the above dimensions may exclude the image from the competition. We do not want to spend time resizing the author's images and held responsible should the results not look sharp.

It is greatly appreciated that the files are named using the following naming convention (note: no spaces around the hash symbol!):

Title of Image#Author Name#Class.jpg

Class indicates whether you are an intermediate or advanced member ("INT" or "ADV")

The naming convention is important as it is used by the projection software to automatically obtain the image tile and author. We do not use any embedded EXIF/IPTC information.

For example, if an intermediate member "Joe Bloggs" is submitting an image named "Sunset Clouds" the jpg file should be named:

Sunset Clouds#Joe Bloggs#INT.jpg

Images can be submitted on either a CD-ROM or memory stick at the previous society meeting or emailed to by the end of the same night. Any late submissions may be rejected. This is important as it takes time to arrange the images for projection and that we may invite the judge to preview the images (via Dropbox) before the competition night.

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