Competitions are a much-loved feature of the club's calendar. Qualified external judges give positive criticism of members' entries and there is a definite air of friendly rivalry. Here is a quick round-up of our competitions for this season. The results of the competitions will be published here with details of winning entries after each judging session. Download the seasons competition summary here.
​28th September 2023 - Autumn Open PDI
Judge: Wayne Davey DPAGB BPE4
19th October 2023 - Scape PDI
Judge:  Carmen Norman ARPS
​9th November 2023 - Reflections PDI & Print
Judge: Gill Adams
​7th December 2023 - Nature PDI & Print
​​11th January 2024 - Triptych PDI
Judge: Chrissie Hart ARPS
​1st February 2024 - Mono PDI & Print
Judge: David Jordan
​22nd February 2024 - People PDI & Print
Judge: Tony Bramley FRPS
​14th March 2024 - Scape Print
Judge: Mike Lloyd
​4th April 2024 - A45 PDI
Judge: Ken Payne
11th April 2024 - Spring Open Print
Judge: Andy Wilson
​9th May 2024 - Urban Street PDI & Print
Judge: Roy Essery MPAGB
​23rd May 2024 - PDI & Print of the Year
Judge:  Nick Akers
​30th May 2024 - AGM + Sweetman & Newton
Judge: BSEPS Members
4th June 2024 - Ruby Chalice v East Ipswich
Judge: TBA
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